Rules guide

Welcome to the CompetitionLabs Rules selection and creation section. Here you can find information starting from scoring tournaments based on simple points earned from a bet or win action, to constructing more advanced scoring mechanics involving multiple products or points boosters.

Starting with the following examples should hopefully enable you to quickly take advantage of a vast variety of tournament activity types and scoring mechanics. 

An example of the rule system in CompetitionLabs is shown below.

You can use the icons provided:

  •  - Remove removes the rule and any sub conditions.
  •  - Add lets you add an additional sub rule or main rule in parallel to the one you are creating.
  •  - Edit lets you edit text or numerical values.
  •  - Remove rule set Icon removes all the rules in the rule set.


Creating a Competition with Contest Rules have a predetermined basic layout for the Competition to work. A Competition has to Start, Finish, Finalise, and Calculate points. You can preview how a basic layout of the Rule sets look. You can also add additional Rule sets based on your needs.

Rules Conditions

Rules have a flow that makes your Competition possible. If we could add values or Rankings to rules sections to indicate which rules fields are number 1 and which ones are number 2 and 3, we could say that "Properties" are the TOP that means they are number 1, which tell all other conditions what they need to do. "Fact, Operator and Constant" are considered number 2, which means that "Properties" rule over "Fact, Operator and Constant." "Add or subtract points" is an additional feature that exists only in points calculation Ruleset, which means that only within that Ruleset a third-ranking appears.

Properties → Fact, Operator and Constant → Add or subtract points.

Properties → Fact, Operator and Constant


You can read about every Ruleset available within the Competition creation Rules step process.