Member group eligibility

Use Member group eligibility if you want specific members to participate in the Competition or on the contrary - if you wish for some members NOT to be eligible in the Competition participation. By default, as in the screenshot above, 'ALL' members are eligible to participate in a new Competition. 

Member group eligibility content guide:

Member groups are NOT pre created

Member groups ARE pre created

To be able to select other groups to be eligibile to participate in Competitions, you can easily create Member Groups. Here are your creation options:

If you updated the members with groups then in the Competition creation → Step 2: Entrants in "Member group eligibility" Once you start typing a suggestion of groups available to you will appear. Here you can select the group to be of a or a  rule.

Member group eligibility guide

The default 'ALL' has a  rule that means that all members can participate. Other groups that are added with a  rule mean that all members that can participate have to be in the group or groups.

Adding a  rule group makes an additional field "Should match at least 1" appear where you can insert a value of how many groups a member has to be a part of to be eligible to participate in the Competition.

Use this rule when you do NOT want specific member groups to participate in the competition.

Member group eligibility example with all the rules of "must", "should" and "must-not" implemented.

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