Competition cloning

This tutorial shows how to Clone an already created Competition or Competition with Contests. Any competition that was created, and in any state (Started, Finished, Cancelled), can be Cloned. 

You can read our step by step guide our watch a video tutorial on Competition Cloning.



Step 1: Navigation


In your CompetitionLabs space, navigate to Competitions → + New Competition. Here you will see a list of already pre-created competitions. 

The list shows pre-created competitions by Label, ID, Status, Products that were used in the competition and Members that could participate.
The Cloning principle is simple - as in the example shown, you can see an Action button called Clone () - when pressed the selected competition will be cloned as is.

To begin Cloning just press on the Clone action button and the process will start.

Step 2.1: Cloning the Competition

Step 2.2: Cloning the Contest

When the cloning process started, all of the information from the pre-created competition is copied over, meaning that all the information is already populated in the competition text boxes.

As noted before, only a date and time has to be selected for the cloned competition. If you are satisfied with the competition that was selected for cloning all that is left is to press the 'Next' action button until you reach the final confirmation screen, where pressing the 'Finish' action button will complete the cloning process of the Competition. 

When you are done with the Competition cloning the process automatically redirects you to the Contest cloning (If the Competition had any Contests). If the Competition had multiple Contests each Contest will need to be Finished/Created before moving to the next Contest cloning. 

When all the Contests are Finished cloning you are done.



Congratulations! You have mastered the Cloning function.