Live contest, Leaderboard and member participation

When a Competition is created a contest must be created as well - that makes an event. Within an event members can participate, get points, compete with other members, see their rank and win rewards. An even is considered Live when the competition and contest are both in active state.

Participation, getting points and winning is only possible in an active event.



A Contest Leaderboard shows contest points received by participating members. If the members that participated in a contest meet the criteria of the Contest rules, then the activity is shown in the Contest Leaderboard. The screen shot below shows a preview example of a Contest Leaderboard. 

As shown in the example of a live leaderboard member "Player_1" participated in the live contest and got 1 point by completing the rules of the live contest. The leaderboard is live so the points are automatically registered when members get points.



In a live environment it is also possible to preview the scores of the members and see more detailed information about the members that participate in the event.

As shown in the example scores preview lets you see the members rank, name, reference Id (lets you navigate to the member and inspect his activities), CL member ID, Points and the reward he or she will get after the contest will be finalised and the reward will be issued.



When the contest Finished all the members that participated can not send any more data and receive points. Then the contest goes into Finalisation state where the last data that were sent are added into the scores preview or the leaderboard and updated. When the contest is Finalised then it is possible to download the scores of the completed contest. The downloaded scores are in a CSV file format where the scores are displayed of each member and the client can make decisions.

As shown in the example, the scores export shows the contest Id that the scores were extracted from. The member ID's, member Ref Id's and name that participated in the event. It also shows points, rank and groups that the member is registered in. And there is a reward section for the client to issue if the reward was registered when the contest was created.