A created Achievements example

 Once you have created an Achievement, it looks like the example below.

What can you do with a created Achievement?


Once an Achievement is created you can still change/edit the information in it.


The CompetitionLabs app has a function called Copy. Here you can make an identical copy of the Achievement that you want to copy.


Deleting the Achievement means that the Achievement is being archived. You can not erase the created achievement from the system that means you can always access the previous created achievements from the archive.


Accessing the created Achievement gives you information about:

  1. How many times was the Achievement issued
  2. What member received the achievement
  3. When it was issued
  4. Achievements activity
  5. What are the rules of the Achievements issuing

These functions can also be achieved via API. You can read more about the Achievements available API resources here.

A created Achievement has Active action icon buttons.

The buttons that are shown in the screen above are used as follows.

  •  - Rules Preview lets you preview the rules that trigger the Achievement.
  •  - Edit lets you edit the Achievement. You can only edit achievements that are in Draft state.
  •  - Copy lets you make a copy of the Achievement. When you click Copy, you are given a change to edit the copied version so that you can make quick adjustments to the copied achievement.
  •  - Delete lets you delete the Achievement.