Units of Measure

       Units of measure is a type of unit that you create beforehand that later in creation of an even you can use it from a list that you yourself made. To create a unit of measure you press on Add Unit as shown in the example bellow. 

The icon buttons that are used in the Units of Measure section are explained as follows.

  •  - Add Unit lets you start creating the unit of measure.
  •  - Add lets you create the unit of measure that you were creating. If the information is filled out incorrectly then you can not create and the information that is incorrect will be highlighted red.
  •  - Close means that you want to cancel whatever you are creating. By pressing Close you do not get an additional pop up of asking if you want to close so the information that was input will be deleted and will not be restored so whatever you wrote you have to do it again.
  •  - Edit lets you edit the information of the created unit of measure.
  •  - Delete lets you delete the created unit of measure from the list. This action icon also lets you remove the metadata that you have created in the creation section of unit of measure.

       By pressing Add Unit navigates you to a new pop up window as shown in the example below where you fill out the new unit of measure information. Some fields are mandatory some are optional for unit of measure creation. 

NameThe label of the unit of measure that you will see in the list when creating an event and where the unit of measure will be needed.
KeyThe key represents the original representation of the unit where the name is a label that can be added as a descriptor.
DescriptionThe description of the unit of measure for the clients usage.
ISO CodeISO codes are alphabetic codes that represent the various currencies, mass, time etc. used throughout the world. 
SymbolThe symbol that represents the unit of measure. For example - €, min., etc.
MultiplierA number that represents the value of how much its supposed to multiply for the currency to be exact.

The types of measures:

  • Other
  • Currency
  • Mass
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • ElectricCurrent
  • AmountOfSubstance
  • LuminousIntensity
  • Distance
MetadataIt is used for storing information in the clients data base. Optional information for clients reference.

       If you filled out all the information correctly then you can press the icon button Add and the unit of measure will be saved. If the information is filled out incorrectly the information bar will be shown in red. If you did all the steps correctly the unit of measure should be created in the Settings → Units of Measure and shown as in an example below. After creation you can Edit it or Delete the unit of measure from the list.

       If something went wrong and you do not know what or have some problems and need some support, please use our help desk, if you do not have access please contact us.

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