Members Messaging creation

For member message creation in the CompetitionLabs platform you go to Members → Members Messaging and you press the Create icon button as shown in an example below.

A message creation pop up window then appears where you can start inputing information that you want to send to other members. You can check which fields are mandatory in our API documentation Members Message.

The icon buttons that are used in the message creation section are explained as follows.

  •  - Save lets you create the message that you were creating. 
  •  - Close means that you want to cancel whatever you are creating. By pressing Close the information that was input will not be restored. You do get an additional pop up that asks if you really want to cancel whatever you are creating.
  •  - Send Test lets you try to send and see how a test message looks in a preview.
Member groupAll or None represents that to what member groups do you want to sent the message too.
MembersPicking a member by its Name.
Message typeThe type of message the member will receive. Either it is a Notification type, Inbox item or Notification & Inbox item.
SubjectThe title for the message.
BodyA text message for a member to read. The body's layout can be changed however you want.

If you filled out all the information correctly then you can press the icon button Save and the message will be saved in the Draft category as in the example in the Members category. When you created the message you can still edit the message, you can send the message or delete it. If you did all the steps correctly the message should be created in the Draft state and you should be able to use the action buttons provided.

If something went wrong and you do not know what or have some problems and need some support, please use our help desk, if you do not have access please contact us.

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