A Member, or a player depending on your terminology, is the unique entity that scoring events are grouped by. A Member must exist in the system to be included in Competitions, Contests and Achievements. The Member section of CompetitionLabs let you add, edit, and remove Members as well as send messages to Members..

In the Members → Members List (an example bellow) you can create members, upload a batch of members, search for them by categories, edit them, or delete them.

The buttons used in the Members List section are explained as follows.

  •  - Edit lets you edit a Member.
  •  - Remove lets you delete the Member from your CompetitionLabs space.
  •  - Add Member lets you create a new member in your CompetitionLabs Space.
  •  - Update from CSV lets you upload a batch of members from a CSV file.

In Members → Members Messaging, Messages can be created, sent or deleted. The Messages are grouped into Draft, Sent, and Deleted. 

Attention! A deleted message can not be edited or sent or previewed.

The buttons for the Members Messaging section are explained as follows.

  •  - Edit lets you edit the message when it is in Draft.
  •  - Preview lets you preview the message when it is in Sent.
  •  - Send lets you send the message. After sending the message, the message is moved to Sent.
  •  - Delete lets you delete a message from Draft and Sent.
  •  - Create lets you create a message. The new message is created in Draft.

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