Advanced Competition creation

To create an Advanced Competition, navigate to Competitions → New Competition click New Competition - Advanced A secondary window appears allowing you to create the Competition.



Or you can watch our video tutorial on how to create a basic Competition with a Contest. Explanatory subtitles are added to the video.

"Creating a Competition" navigation icon tutorial

This tutorial is a basic explanation of the icons, buttons, and quick bars that you will use when creating a Competition. The navigation bar shown below can be used as a smart navigation tool to navigate back and forth in the creation process.

As shown in the example above, you cannot go directly to step 5 if you haven't previously finished other steps. If you finished other steps and there is a check-mark, then you can go back to previous steps, as in the example below.

The icon buttons shown in the screenshots below, used in the Competition creation guide, are explained as follows.

  •  - Next lets you move on with the competition creation.
  •  - Previous means that you can go back to the previous step.
  •  - Finish Indicates that you want to finish and create the Competition. You can only press Finish when all the steps are complete.
  •  - Confirm It only appears after you click Finish. Competitions cannot be changed once created.
  •  - Close appears when you click Finish. 
  • - Delete Lets You delete created Metadata. By pressing, it removes information without notice.