Activity dashboard

The Activity dashboard is a simple navigation toolbar that lets you easily go through notifications, user settings and accounts. It's a dashboard that doesn't change no matter where in the menu bar you go to, it always follows along in the app so that when you need it is always there for easier and faster navigation.

Activity dashboard contains:

Notification/Message icon 

From the activity dashboard you can always see the notification/message icon with a reminder of how many unread messages you have. The icon lets you easily navigate to the Messages where you can preview a list of read and unread messages and read them like in the example. 

Account/Space navigation bar

It is a drop down icon bar that lets you easily navigate through Accounts or Spaces. An Account/Space is your created area where you can manage events differently depending on the space.

UTC Time

The time that is displayed in the activity dashboard is always in the UTC time format so that whenever you create an event you create it in UTC time and so that you do not mix up the time difference when you want your even start or end depending on a different location that is in a different time zone.

Quick link of Competition and Achievement creation

The icon button that is provided lets you quickly navigate to competition creation or achievement creation because those are the most commonly used events in our app.

User management

The user icon lets you manage your basic user setting. You can navigate to:

  • Account - you can change your Companies display name, you can look at your Space name and account Id, and update the Base Units of Measure that you use in that account 

  • User - you as a user are able to manage and update your First name, Last name and email.

  • Settings - it is a quick link to the settings menu bar that you can navigate through the main menu bar as well. 

  • Messages - this is a quick link to messages. 

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