Academy Basics is a guide to help you get the most from the CompetitionLabs platform. The guide will help you understand, navigate, and configure competitions, achievements, contests to achieve your commercial and business goals. 

You can read all of the tutorials or just skip through to the sections that you are interested in:

It is a simple navigation toolbar that lets you easily go through notifications, user settings and accounts. It's a dashboard that doesn't change no matter where in the menu bar you go to, it always follows along so that when you need it is always there for easier and faster navigation.

The Dashboard is the main page within your CompetitionLabs space. The Dashboard provides quick links and it also contains the Competition calendar displaying the configured Competitions

The Dashboard contains quick links to:

Interested in creating an Achievement? Here is the full tutorial of the Achievement creation. We will guide you step by step throughout the creation process:

If you are interested in the end product you can check the created Achievements example.

A Competition is a collection of Contests/Tournaments that players can participate in. To compete, a player needs to earn points, with top ranked players receiving rewards or prizes. Competitions can include as many or as few Contests as required. Contests can be created with a progression factor - with rules that something must be completed first or in a set order, or other configuration, before they can access the next contest. 

We have a few pre created Competition and Contest creation examples to help you understand what you can do and what you can achieve!:

Web Assets allows to host public or private web content that can be reused in any given time example: widgets, banner images, static html websites, java script etc.

A Member, or a player depending on your terminology, is the unique entity that scoring events are grouped by. A Member must exist in the system to be included in Competitions, Contests and Achievements. 

A game entity within a product vertical such as a Slot Machine, Table Game, a Betting Market, Poker Tournament or a Role Playing Game.

In this section you can track all the activity that members had participated in the events that were running in the period of time.

Settings in the CompetitionLabs platform is a section which contains all the necessary platform configuration for your space such as user management, API keys, languages etc.