CompetitionLabs User Guides

Welcome to CompetitionLabs - the cutting-edge customer engagement and gamification platform, and the best kept secret in the iGaming industry. You can check us out at our website or get information about us here in our CompetitionLabs user guide.

Whether you want to run competitions, contests, tournaments or leagues CompetitionLabs enables you to make nearly any activity fun, competitive and rewarding. This documentation will cover everything from getting started to how to integrate and start using the platform. 

You might find these quick links useful:

  1. Want to know more about us? Check our CompetitionLabs Overview 
  2. New to CompetitionLabs? See our GETTING STARTED guide
  3. Want to look at our platforms interface and see how it works? Just go to our Product guide

Need some support?  You can always contact us.

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